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Jess Staley

It’s less than a month until I move back to Portsmouth for uni and its very bittersweet. I can’t decide whether I’m happy to be going back or sad because I’m leaving Hilton. I’ve really got the taste for working life over the last two months and I don’t think I can adapt back to student living!

I’ve learnt an incredible amount, from the little things like how to use Microsoft emailing to operating AutoCAD, from travelling the country to hold design meetings to organising the FF+E library and from being and student to being a professional. I feel so ready to go back and expand my actual design skills further. Year 2 does look really exciting, so much individual design work with real scenarios and clients! I think I’m going to take a language too as I’ve realised how international a industry this is! I’ve worked with designers and suppliers from all over the global this summer, especially Italian, which I think is the language I’m going to choose.

I’ve also been thinking about placement year as I could come back to Hilton or I could go into a design studio and gain more practice designing before managing it which I’d do at Hilton. Some of the design practices I’m interested in are abroad, two are in New York!! That would be unbelievable!! Theres just some practical issues to think about with studying abroad like family and paying for rent etc but theres no time like now to be adventurous so I’m going to apply and see where it takes me!

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