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Jacopo "Jack" Salvadori

“Hallelujah” is a 2016 short movie written and directed by Jack Salvadori. The surrealist short film is paying homage to the great auteurs of cinema, from Eisenstein to Fellini, while facing the struggles of an unconventional and grotesque love story.

In the movie, filled with biblical symbols, the music is the real protagonist, as the songs employed combine the plot to an original and distinguished style. Although it may seem to convey a critical perspective about the Church, the film is not related with the concept of religion at all, as it metaphorically addresses the themes of “faith” and “spiritual crisis” to the extent of transmitting a message of freedom, and thus, surrealism.

Jacopo “Jack” Salvadori is a first year student at Royal Holloway University of London, studying Film, Television and Digital Production. In 2016, he became the president of the university’s Film Society. Aiming to begin a career as a director in the cinematic industry, he is looking forward to write and direct more projects in the future.

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