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Conscious Creatives – ‘Bee-Ware’ Campaign

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Mungo Hamlet, Harry Groves, Cara Sherratt and Sam Piercey

Option 4: The Bumblebee Conservation Trust seek new supporters

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust exist to raise awareness of the plight of the bumblebee in the U.K. They are dependent on private and corporate donations to enable their organisation to promote it’s cause. They are currently reviewing their marketing communications strategy and have invited you to put together a pitch for their business. The brief they have given is as follows:-


‘Bumblebees are iconic, charismatic and captivating insects that play a vital role in the lives of us all by pollinating our crops and wildflowers, acting as a useful and powerful indicator of the health of our environment and bringing pure inspiration & enjoyment – but their numbers and distribution are declining.

Bees pollinate around 80% of native wildflower species and a significant number of the crops we rely on, we benefit from the ‘free-bee’ service they provide. “Pollination” has become a key word nationally. It is the economic importance of these insects which is truly incredible – an estimate for 2012 was that crop pollination by insects was worth at least £690 million annually to UK agriculture.

There are currently 25 species of bumblebee in the UK, representing approximately 10% of the world’s bumblebee species. Two have become extinct, seven are Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) listed priority species, threatened with extinction with a further four whose status are scarce or unknown.





Their decline is due to many factors but principally to the loss of 98% of lowland meadow to intensive agriculture and urban development since the 1940’s, leaving them with little food and homes to live.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

This year, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust celebrates 10 years of working for the conservation of Bumblebees throughout the UK and is the only organisation in Europe solely dedicated to reversing the decline of native bumblebees.

We are working toward three main objectives:

  • Support the conservation of all bumblebees, rare or abundant
  • Raise awareness and increase understanding about bumblebees and the social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits which they and other pollinators provide
  • Ensure BBCT is sustainable, fit for purpose, and able to respond quickly to challenges and change.

The thirst for information continues to dominate, our public enquiries are up 76% last year to 3000 and our website has seen a further 15% increase in visits to nearly 600,000 with a staggering 76.5% as new users.

As a charity, we needed to raise almost £450,000 in unrestricted income to cover our core costs. With an extremely limited budget of £15k to implement any marketing and communications plan, part of the challenge will be to raise additional funds.

Our current demographic is typically 50+ and we have the following aspirations:

  • Reach a younger audience with a target for increasing ‘shares’
  • Reach a subscribed audience and turn support into membership
  • Increase awareness of BBCT to younger people and a call to action to join
  • Be seen as the ‘Go to place’ for bumblebees.’

You have been asked to pitch for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust  and have a budget of £15,000. Your plan should include a full range of appropriate media in your proposal.

You will be expected to video the pitch of your plan in week 7. You should use a variety of integrated marketing communications to target ALL potential stakeholders. Pitches must last no longer than 15 minutes and a penalty of 2% per minute, or part thereof, will be applied to those that are longer than 15 minutes. You will be assessed on the following three key criteria:-

  1. Applying an outline marketing communications plan structure (40 marks)
  2. Adopting the role of the advertising agency team (30 marks)
  3. Relate branding tools models and concepts based upon a creative theme or idea (30 marks)

Further information is available at and the client is happy to take any further questions.

To check out Conscious Creatives’ campaign, click here to view their video.



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