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Christ in the House of His Parents


Anna Kenneally

My name is Anna Kenneally and I am 21 years of age. I am currently studying Fine Art at BA level in my final year, specialising in oil painting. I am currently working in Bath but London is my home. Prior to this I was awarded a distinction for my Foundation in art and design at Kingston University. I am currently an Ambassador for Cass Art.

I create work that interrogates the practice of recreating existing paintings, based on their composition or narrative. I am interested in how the new outcome is determined by the individual style of the artist. The subject matter of my work consists mainly of figures shown in dynamic spaces, introducing elements of current fashion design and landscape. I mirror old master compositions within my work, yet with contemporary portrayal of the figure. My paintings construct utopian worlds that mirror scenes of the past, recorded throughout history. These worlds comment on materialistic themes and a change in meaning from the original pictorial reference. I am interested in creating balance between abstraction and representation. I work with my idea of photo-impressionism, investigating the possibilities photography has provided painting.

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