Employer FAQs

  • What geographical areas do you cover?

    We recruit all over the UK, but 80% of our candidate placements are along the South Coast and South East of England.

  • What should I do if I have a vacancy?

    Call us on 01489 890 276 or drop us an email – we will respond to your query straight away and will organise a convenient time to discuss your opportunity and how to approach sourcing the best talent.

  • We have in house recruiters

    This is the model many companies have adopted but we are only looking to work on those roles where we could add real value whilst they service other areas of your business

  • We could manage our own response

    This will cost someone in your organisation considerable time have you considered their time maybe could be put to better use

  • We already have a PSL

    Many companies do, we are only looking to work on those roles where we have specialist knowledge whilst you continue to work with the PSL on all other roles

  • We want to work with multiple agencies

    We know from experience we all work with the same candidates why brief more than one when we would be a business partner adding real value

  • How quickly can you get someone?

    Advertising does take time and we would recommend allowing at least two weeks although we will ensure we engage with candidates at the earliest opportunity.

  • We don’t want our competition to know we are recruiting for this role

    No problem we can ensure that the advertisement  gives no reference to your company

  • We can sift through all CVs received

    We would save you time and add our industry knowledge, we know a lot about the standards of employers in the area

  • We have already written the Advertisment

    We can add value having consistently written  ads for numerous years and have extensive knowledge of what works

  • We only want to recruit on one job board

    We know from experience and careful monitoring over the last five years that there is no one job board that will always fulfil your requirements

  • What checks do you carry out on your candidates?

    Solutions 4 Recruitment undertake the following process:

    1. Obtain the person’s original proof of identity documents
    2. Verify their validity
    3. Make and retain a clear copy, and record the date of the check
    4. Reference details are requested on submission of CV
    5. References are taken up at first interview stage where possible
    6. References are forwarded to the client on acceptance of offer
Attitude of consultant was very good compared to other agencies I have dealt with.

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