S4R News / 23rd Feb 2016

Top 3 most influential marketing campaigns

As marketers, we can all appreciate the impact of an effective marketing campaign. In order to achieve marketing success, organisations are becoming ever more innovative and creative in their methods to engage with their audiences.

We have rounded up 3 of the most popular marketing campaigns from last year, and examined what aspects of these campaigns made them so successful and what they did to make a difference.

Sport England – This Girl Can

First up we have Sport England, who launched a campaign to encourage women to exercise more regularly. A study was undertaken, which involved the interviewing of women on the topic of exercising. Sport England found that millions of women and girls do not exercise because of fear of judgement. The results suggested that 75% of respondents said they would like to exercise more.

In response, Sport England took the opportunity to reach out to women across England to inspire them to get more involved in exercise, regardless of their shape, size or race. Sport England engaged with their female audience by showcasing real women performing various activities such as running, cycling and exercise classes, to demonstrate that they too can do this.

The initial video was cleverly released around the time of the Sport Relief promotion, with the additional message to raise money for charity whilst exercising, which encouraged women to implement an exercise plan.

The campaign had a phenomenal impact and resulted in a staggering 37 million views of the ‘This Girl Can’ films on YouTube and Facebook channels, along with an impressive 660,000 tweets using their dedicated hashtag #thisgirlcan. It also inspired 2.8 million women to become more active as a result of seeing the advert, with 1.6 million women starting to exercise regularly as a direct result of the campaign.

Sainsbury’s – Mog’s Christmas

Sainsbury’s decided to do something slightly different for their Christmas campaign last year; adopting the fictional feline character Mog, who is notorious for its disaster-prone persona. The campaign tells the story of Mog ruining the family home by setting fire to it. The fire service and their neighbours come to the rescue and save Christmas, bringing an abundance of food and presents to the family.

Christmas adverts are always highly anticipated and the Sainsbury’s advert was no different, as it was aired simultaneously over 50 television channels at the same time over the festive period.

Sainsbury’s teamed up with Save the Children to further engage with its audience, resulting in greater awareness for the charity and highlighting the importance of supporting one another through the Christmas period.  Waggener Edstrom carried out a study which assessed the most influential social media campaigns over the Christmas period and Sainsbury’s Mog’s campaign was named as having the second biggest impact on its audiences due to its “road blocking” technique and extensive coverage across social media.

St John’s Ambulance – the Chokeables

St John Ambulance created a really effective campaign to highlight the importance of knowing how to help a choking baby. It was surprising to discover that 79% of parents said that they did not know how to deal with this situation if it occurred, which was the motivation behind the campaign.

The campaign centred around a video that demonstrated how to help a choking baby. The video features David Mitchell, David Walliams, Johnny Vegas and Sir John Hunt as the voices of the various characters.

The campaign chose to showcase the advert on television which had a huge impact on its audience, with an estimated 20.9 million people viewing it within its first week. St John’s Ambulance also released the video over their social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter generating over a million views and 155,000 shares on Facebook.  The advert achieved what it set out to do, when it was reported that at least 42 babies and children were saved from choking, after the campaign launched, as a direct result of skills learnt from watching the St John’s Ambulance video.

These campaigns are just a snippet of what companies are doing to raise awareness of their brand. We would love to hear from you about what you feel was the most influential campaign of last year.