S4R News / 20th Oct 2015

The top 5 marketing challenges


With the marketing industry continually evolving, marketers face a challenge to stay on top of the requirements of their role. The number of potential channels involved in marketing and the number of hats a marketer must wear continue to expand and it can be easy for marketers to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the change.

With this in mind, we thought we’d look into what are the main challenges marketers feel they are facing at the moment. We have highlighted the top 5 that stood out, below:

  1. As a marketer, handling and understanding data can sometimes be testing, whether it is abiding by data regulations, finding new data or managing effectively the data that you already have or drawing meaningful conclusions from data output. In this digital age, data plays an important part of most marketing roles. Despite its importance, the Telerik Sitefinity discovered that only 61% of marketers that were questioned said they can turn their data into an actionable insight, which means that 39% of marketers can’t! Gathering marketing data has become an extremely easy exercise for marketers, as many digital marketing platforms provide detailed analytics functions. Where the challenge lies is in knowing what to do to it to make it useful for your organisation. Without this knowledge and analysis, it is easy to get bogged down in a futile data-collection exercise.
  2. Keeping up with marketing trends is in itself a full time job. This industry has undergone so many transformations; social media, mobile and an increasingly connected world, have all created huge opportunities for marketers. However, with each wave of new must-have marketing platform, comes a raft of fads, here today and gone tomorrow. Identifying where to place your focus is tricky. A channel in itself, social media provides the ideal tool to identify new trends and marketing opportunities. However, research carried out by insight and technology firm, CEB found that only 32% of marketers use social media for this purpose.
  3. Measuring return on investment (ROI) can be an extremely daunting process for marketers as it can determine if all the hard work that has been put in is actually beneficial. Luckily, there are so many analytics tools to take advantage of nowadays, marketers are able to measure much more usefully many aspects of a marketing campaign in a way not possible in the past. This will always remain a challenge because in many instances, attributing a purchase or new client to one isolated marketing activity often fails to take into account other influencing factors.
  4. Gaining the attention of your target audience is a marketers ultimate goal, but it is also happens to be a difficult aspect that marketers struggle with too. With so much ‘noise’ out there, clamouring for your targets attention, it is so easy for your message to get drowned out. Unsurprisingly, getting heard by your target audience is a major source of stress for marketers today. With so many channels available to marketers, one would think it has never been easier to engage with your audience. The reality is that it has probably never been more challenging.
  5. It might be hard to imagine, but when social media was first introduced, marketers found it difficult to know what to do with it. It’s safe to say that times have changed, as marketers have now embraced wholeheartedly social media, and the money invested in it suggests most think it is something that should be included within all marketing strategies. But although marketers have fully adopted social media into the marketing mix, there is still a long way to go for many to translate social media activity into revenue. Simply having a social media presence is no longer enough and marketers are now facing the challenge of making it pay.

Whilst these challenges exist for marketers, it is also important to remember that behind each one is an opportunity. If you can overcome them, then marketing success will not be far behind.

We would love to hear from you if you have faced any of these challenges, so please let us know what activity you’re finding most challenging at the moment and how you are managing it.