S4R News / 17th Aug 2015

The Social Media Lookbook – Part 3

Ever wondered how your individual or company page on LinkedIn could be improved? If the answer is yes, take a look at our next blog in the series on Marketo’s Lookbook.


Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved to become one of the most substantial social media platforms on the internet and has become an epicentre for branded content. Launched in 2003, the business-orientated social network initially grew to become a popular gathering for recruiters and job seekers, but has exploded onto the marketing scene in recent years after adding a number of enticing capabilities. LinkedIn is now the go-to platform for professional content; their company pages are a showcase for brands looking to target new audiences and it even has its own publishing feature.

So whether you’re looking to master branded company pages or just want to add that additional impact to your own personal profile, take a look at these examples of big brands that tick all the boxes.

Luxottica Group

A company’s page is where a user will initially land after searching, so it’s paramount that imagery and messages that will represent a brand are carefully thought through. The first featured in Marketo’s compilation is Luxottica Group, a brand renowned for its design and manufacture of luxury eyewear. The theme on their company page is constantly changing and will always deliver a message to followers. In this example, Luxottica has created an image that celebrates being crowned one of the best company pages for 2014.



Coach is a modern American luxury brand that uses its LinkedIn profile to express the emotional side of the brand through storytelling as well as showcase its products using compelling editorial imagery. In this example, their company description delves deep into the history of the brand and is partnered with a banner featuring high quality imagery of both products and locations. Simple additions, such as this, to any profile, can quickly become powerful tools to capture an individual’s attention.


Kellogg Company

One brand that showcases their company culture through LinkedIn posts is Kellogg’s. Regularly posting is a crucial way to build a solid base of followers, and can comprise of images, text, links or video.  In this post from Kellogg, the company highlights their culture among employees and their workplace, whilst featuring an image of snacks that were made available for National Tortilla Chip Day. Posts like these are ideal for LinkedIn, which is the perfect social network for recruiting new talent.


But it’s not just businesses that count on first impressions! As seen with one of our previous blogs, LinkedIn is an ideal marketplace for individuals to sell themselves to employers by showing off their greatest successes and future aspirations. Both company and individual profiles need to stand out in search results and with the social network still growing rapidly, this is more important than ever.

Stay tuned for the final instalment in our series with the spotlight on Pinterest.