Interviews & Job Hunting \ S4R News / 18th Nov 2016

Solutions 4 Recruitment hold CV workshop at Portsmouth University

As you know, we’re specialists in supporting creative talent and placing them in exciting roles. This week, two of the Solutions 4 Recruitment team, Emma Millichamp and Ellie Mowat, hosted a CV workshop at Portsmouth University. The session was a sell out and there was even a waiting list!

It was an inspiring afternoon, with a selection of creative undergraduate students given the opportunity to ‘spice up’ their CVs and receive valuable advice and guidance about how to get those creative roles they’ve been dreaming of.

Solutions 4 Recruitment manager, Emma Millichamp, said of the sessions: “The students had made a great start with well-written and well-presented CVs. We offered advice on how they could tweak their CVs to bring out their creativity further and help them understand what recruiters look for.”

Those students who had creative portfolios had those appraised too and were offered advice on how to best present them for potential employers.

To end the session, students were given a handy interview techniques document, full of interview appearance tips, interview question preparations and even advice on how to close an interview.

We were delighted to take part in the event and support Portsmouth University’s initiatives to prepare students for the next stages in their exciting careers.

The sessions were also an opportunity to introduce students to the Creative Student Awards 16, which were launched earlier in the year.

If you would like to find out more about the Creative Student Awards and discover how you could win £300, visit Good luck!