S4R News / 26th Jun 2014

S4R Team day at Marwell Activity Centre

On a sunny day in June we all set off to Marwell Activity Centre for a day full of team activities and brainstorming.

Our day started off with a pleasant round of teas and coffees in the sunshine before heading off for our first challenge, the “Earthquake” maze. All seven of us were faced with the challenge of travelling from one end of a maze to the other using 2 planks of wood and a rope. All we had to use to balance on were the planks of wood strategically placed on a few scattered rocks throughout the maze. To make it even more challenging, we were not allowed to touch the bark ground surrounding the rocks, a.k.a the lava! A combined effort of strategic thinking, strength, stretching on tip toes and holding on to each other for balance, we all managed to complete the challenge within 30 minutes. Hurrah!

Our next challenge was the “Floating Crystal” which did not include any crystals to our disappointment. However it included a plastic ball trapped at the bottom of a metal tube, with a few holes in, which was held up by a climbing tower. The task was to get the ball out using resources found around the site. After a bit of deliberating, we decided to find some water to fill the tube, whilst everyone used their hands to cover any holes and the end of the tube. This resulted in the ball gradually rising and bursting out the top, soaking us all in a hilarious ending. We aced this challenge quickly so moved onto a rope challenge in which we were tied to a partner at the wrists with two ropes that were looped together. This was a lot harder than it looked! After a lot of twisting, turning and tugging we eventually cracked the challenge with a few hints from the team leaders.

After a quick tea break we were put into two teams with Emma and Carole as team leaders. Our challenge was to build a raft using 4 barrels, 3 ropes and two wooden planks then travel to the other side of the lake and back in one piece. This challenge definitely tested our knot making skills and strategic thinking when deciding the best way to build a device that will float with the weight of 4 adults! After a lot of blood, sweat and thankfully no tears, we made it to the other side of the lake and back. Emma, Ana and Bryony even danced the “head, shoulders knees and toes” whilst on the raft, which really proved that their raft building skills were top notch! The big finale was Carole braving the depths of the lake with a heroic jump in after a bit of encouragement from the Marwell team member. We all felt very accomplished as a team and were happy to have completed the challenge.

After an activity filled morning, we enjoyed a well deserved rest over a delicious hot buffet in the sunshine. Once we were all thoroughly stuffed we made our way to our conference room for a brainstorming session. This session was a great opportunity to gather our thoughts and ideas about what makes Solutions 4 Recruitment different from other agencies. We were able to confirm a mission statement and define our values during this session which we are all very proud of. To find out more visit our About Us page to see what we came up with. To view our pictures from the day, visit our Facebook Page.