S4R News / 17th Jun 2015

LinkedIn – are you making the most of it?

Last week, we came across this brilliant video from the Daily Mail, which had the office in stitches. It showed actors reading out quotes from people’s LinkedIn profiles, and the results were hilarious!

The video includes quotes from genuine individuals’ LinkedIn profiles. Their names have been changed to hide the identity, or more accurately, save their dignity.

The video opens with “Welcome, to a window, into the life of me”, and the cringe-worthy one-liners do not get any more convincing from there. Some of our favourites include:

“What makes Darren Hill so special?”
“I run towards fires!”
“I’m not a boss. There is only one boss, and his name is Mr Customer!”
“Remember this, one day will be your last day on earth…”
“Do you remember the kid at school who knew everyone? Knew all the latest trends, fashion, music, even knew how to talk to the girls. Well that was me!”
“Perhaps we could catch up for a coffee, mines a decaf!”

There are many more gems in there, so if you fancy a spot of humour to lighten your day, take a look.


To view all of the embarrassing one-liners, click the image above.

As embarrassing as the video is, it does highlight the importance of LinkedIn in our business lives now! With two new profiles being created on LinkedIn every second and a total of 17 million users in the UK alone, LinkedIn is a professional networking site which is expanding rapidly. Therefore, you need to make sure you are using it wisely to enhance your opportunity of getting the job you want.

Every individual who connects with you on LinkedIn will judge you based upon how well your profile looks and reads. If your profile does not look and read credibly then you run the risk of creating the perception that you are not credible as a candidate either.

Your profile is the place to show off your greatest successes and future aspirations, not to attempt witty and weird one-liners like those featured in this video. LinkedIn is brilliant opportunity to sell yourself to employers and create valuable new contacts. Use it to your advantage and follow these top 5 tips to make help you on your way to creating the perfect LinkedIn profile.

  1. Always include a photo, do not use the default grey silhouette. Not only does this look unprofessional but LinkedIn relegates these profiles to the bottom of search results, consequently making it more unlikely for you to make those amazing connections. An ideal photo is typically a head shot but if you do diverge away from this, make sure you are dressed appropriately to convey the right impression to the audience you are trying to engage with.
  2. Sell yourself by including a catchy headline under your name. Include your most current position and where you are currently working/studying.
  3. Include keywords in your LinkedIn profile title and a summary which highlights your main skills and attributes. Additionally, make sure you include these keywords in your skills and expertise. Your skills and expertise should be ordered so that the skills you perceive to be most important and relevant to your target audience are at the top.
  4. Make your profile stand out by including rich media, like videos. Don’t just write what you do, or explain the previous projects you have worked on, display it!
  5. Join groups that will let you connect with people who currently work in the industry you aspire to be in. Being part of groups gives you permission to reach out to different profiles and invite them to join your network.

We hope this gives you some points to get started with and we look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn!