S4R News / 1st Mar 2017

Finding the Right Candidate

Finding the right candidate for a job is one of the most important things you’ll do for your business. However, more and more of us are finding it difficult to source and attract the right employees, with 40% of employers globally reporting they find it hard to fill positions. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up our top 5 tips for ensuring the right candidate doesn’t slip through your fingers:

  1. Act quickly
    If you’ve found a potential candidate, act quickly. Why not give them a phone call to arrange an interview? This way you’ll be showing your interest straight away. Even if you haven’t had that many applications yet, it can be risky holding out to build up your pool of applicants.
  2. Be flexible
    Sometimes you have to make compromises in order to find the right person. For example, you may ideally be looking for someone full time, but the candidate you really like can only do 4 days a week. Can you be flexible with start/finish times or offer them time to work from home? Being flexible could open the door to many more high quality candidates.
  3. Make the advantages of working for your business known
    Do you offer your employees bonuses or free gym memberships? Then let these benefits be known; they’re a great way for your advert to stand out.  A lot can be said for a business that takes a genuine interest in looking after their employees, and candidates really value this.
  4. Offer a reasonable salary
    Be realistic with the salary you’re offering. You don’t necessarily need to offer the highest salary to attract the right candidate; however you also don’t want to put people off by undervaluing the role. Do your research beforehand and work out what similar jobs are offering, and what is suitable for your business.
  5. Listen to your recruiter
    If you’ve handed over recruiting responsibilities to someone else, or an out-of-house team, it’s important to listen to them. They want to find you the best match for the role and your business, so make sure you take note of any feedback and advice they give you; this way you’re much more likely to find the right people.