S4R News / 25th Jun 2015

32: the age you are most likely to be happy at work!

A recent survey revealed that British citizens are likely to move jobs three times before feeling content in their employment. As a result, career satisfaction is usually achieved at the average age of 32.

In addition to finding a perfect career in the third decade of your life, it was also discovered that more people are likely to be happy in their relationships. After all, they do say life begins at 30!

Recruitment company reed.co.uk surveyed 3,000 people about their working lives. According to 20% of participants, it was discovered that one of the biggest factors impacting happiness at work is striking that perfect work/life balance. The other most significant factors leading to an enjoyable job include an easy daily commute and a fun working environment.

Additionally, only 17% believed that salary was key to their happiness at work, alongside 15% believing job security would help achieve employment contentment. The remaining factors that lead to a happy job include: inspirational colleagues, extra holiday and good promotional prospects, as well as little things like work social events and dress down Fridays.

Out of the respondents surveyed, 39% are not currently happy in their employment, and 24% are considering changing jobs in hope to find job satisfaction. Almost one quarter of people who are currently content with their employment, moved jobs three times before finding their current position. A lucky 21% only moved jobs once, while 7% admitted to quitting 10 or more positions before finding a job which made them happy.

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