Interviews & Job Hunting / 16th Nov 2018

Winning answers to ‘Do you have any further questions?’

Winning answers to ‘Do you have any further questions?’

‘Do you have any further questions?’ – it’s that daunting question that candidates all come to expect at the end of an interview; however, it’s also the one they tend to forget to rehearse and in a panic respond with ‘Er no, I think you’ve covered everything!’.

While their response may not be an interview deal breaker, it is a missed opportunity for them to delve deeper into your company. Perhaps more importantly, this question also gives them a great opportunity to reclaim the interview, show some initiative and demonstrate their passion for the role.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best questions we’ve heard from candidates:

  1. ‘How can I expect to grow in this role?’

So they’ve told you about what they can bring to the role, but what can you, as an employer, bring to them? This question allows them to explore career progression opportunities in further detail and could tell them a lot about your company’s learning and development style. It may turn out that you’re able to offer on-the-job training courses or regular progress reports, which is a good sign of a proactive organisation.

  1. ‘Can you describe the work culture to me?’

Regardless of experience and qualifications, sometimes it unfortunately doesn’t work out between a new employee and organisation – so it’s important that the candidate gets a good feel for your company before they sign on the dotted line. Do you encourage co-working or will they be working largely independently from everyone else, at their own desk? Do you do a lot of team-building outside of work? These are the kind of things candidates want to find out to determine if the job is right for them.

  1. What will be the biggest challenge for me in this role? ‘

This question will not only give the candidate a better understanding of the job, but also allows them to highlight specific experience relating to the challenge. What’s more, this shows you their ability to think on the spot. 

  1. Do you feel I’m missing any qualifications or skills to perform well in this role?’

This one is a little riskier for candidates to ask, but if executed well, it’s likely they’ll leave a lasting impression. If you feel they are missing something, now is your chance to highlight anything they may have missed off, giving them the chance to convince you of their strengths.

  1. ‘What are your plans for the company over the next 12 months?’

You want to see that the candidate has a genuine interest in your company. Candidates asking what direction your company is heading in not only demonstrates this, but can also help them understand what their future in your organisation may look like.

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