Interviews & Job Hunting / 2nd Jun 2014

Top job boards for the marketing and creative sector

Are you looking in the right places to find your next job?

We have recently compiled a survey to find out whether the top job boards out there are performing for you. Our results are based on the responses of 80 actively seeking professionals in Marketing, Design, Web Development, Business Development and PR. Our respondents are predominately based in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey and are from graduate to senior level.

It is important to note that a strong relationship with a recruitment agency can help your chances of finding your next career move. Keeping your CV up to date with your agency and keeping an eye on their website job page and social media pages can keep you at the forefront of the newest opportunities in your area.

In our survey we asked three questions to gain a deeper understanding of which job boards are used when looking for your next job and which resources make your top 5.

The Results

Please click the images below to view the results in a larger format.

Rate these job boards from 1 to 10 to show which ones you use most often. (Rate 1 for your top job board)


top 10 job boards
Is there a website we have not mentioned that helps you during your job hunt?
Top 5 recommended websites
What is your favourite website/blog to follow for the latest creative industry news?
top job board preferences
I hope these results are useful for you and help you to tailor your job search to ensure you are visiting the best places for jobs in the creative sector. If there is a favourite resource you use that has not been mentioned, let us know by commenting below.