Interviews & Job Hunting / 4th Sep 2014

A new era for interviews

With an ever increasing focus on digital communication, be it via social media or email, we predict a change in the way interviews take place. We are all familiar with the telephone interview being the first step along the road to a new job, but how many of us have been exposed to a video interview?

This technology provides a more personable aspect to a telephone conversation, something which employers are picking up on. However a telephone interview can be a daunting enough prospect, throw in the video element as well and you’ve got even more to worry about. So when you have your first video interview lined up, don’t worry, take a deep breath and…

  • Present yourself smartly, as you would for a face to face interview. Ensure that you are in professional dress, that your hair is tidy etc.
  • Ensure that your backdrop is suitable – for example don’t sit with you washing drying behind you, or with dirty dishes everywhere
  • Speak clearly, take your time and try to minimise use of filler words and noises such as ‘um’ or ‘like’
  • Be aware of your body language, try not to gesture wildly or fidget too much
  • Have a practice run – video call your mum, or partner, even if they’re only in the next room. It will enable you to get used to this method of communication and feel that bit more comfortable

Got any hints or tips for a video interview? Let us know!

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