Interviews & Job Hunting / 18th Aug 2014

Never judge a book by its cover…?

We’ve all heard this old adage and had it drummed into us as children. However as adults, we are judged; constantly. How we present ourselves is therefore of paramount importance when applying for a job.

The first point of contact between you and your potential new employer is your CV, so take care over its draft and ensure that it portrays you in a way that fits with the company brand and ethos. For example a highly corporate company will want to see your how your skills and experience will fit within their structure, and will not necessarily be impressed by volunteer work at a local beer festival, for example. In contrast, a company with a less formal structure may be looking for the more ‘quirky’ people that demonstrate more personality in their work experience.

How you brand yourself in your CV needs to be consistent with how you present yourself in person. Your interviewer will have made assumptions about you based on your CV (good ones – otherwise it’s unlikely they would have called you for interview). So for that corporate role, dress extremely smartly (iron that suit!), remove visible piercings and cover up tattoos. But that informal company may well be more impressed by a slightly relaxed look (not too relaxed – it is still an interview). If you’re unsure on how to dress for an interview, take a look at our blog about it.

The take home message here is really to do your research before you apply for a job. Ensure that the company ethos fits your personality type. Tailor your CV to the demands of each job you apply for, but ensure that you give an honest picture of yourself both in your CV and during interview. You need to be happy in your new role after all.

If you need any help or advice on how to effectively tailor your CV, or prepare for an interview, get in touch using the comments box below.