Interviews & Job Hunting / 24th Jun 2014

LinkedIn profile Vs your CV

It is often perceived that if you have got a strong CV when looking for your next opportunity this will be enough to secure that dream job. However, this is not the case. With the ever changing and growing digital world, your presence on social media is just as important as having a well put together and up to date CV. Your LinkedIn profile in particular must be reflective of your CV and work hand in hand in increasing your chances of obtaining an interview.

As I am sure you are aware, it is important to make a great first impression. Your first chance to do this is when your CV is in front of the recruiting manager. It is often the next natural step for the recruiting manager to find you on LinkedIn to scan through your details and read any recommendations to back up what they have read so far. If your LinkedIn profile is not kept up to date and reflective of your skills then this initial positive first impression can quickly spiral downwards to uncertainty.

Similarly it is important to have an up to date CV to hand ready for submission rather than solely relying on your LinkedIn profile. Your CV is a crucial tool to open the door whether it is sent to an employer via an agency or sent directly to a job board or company website.

Therefore keeping a strong presence in both areas will ensure a seamless process where your skills and experience can shine through at every opportunity. We have put together eight top tips for both your CV and LinkedIn profile to help polish of both areas to increase your chances of obtaining your dream job.

Top CV tips

  1. Structure: It is always useful to proof read your CV. This will give you a good idea of whether you have prioritised the information on the page effectively. Is it clear at first glance what you are passionate about? Don’t be afraid to cut and paste the information around to ensure the most important areas are at the start, e.g. key skills, awards and latest training courses.
  2. Introductory paragraph: This is a chance to grab attention and be clear about what you are looking for in 2/3 sentences.
  3. Key Skills: Include a list of your key skills and programmes that you are proficient in. This will help to clarify your key skills and improve your chances of being found on the job boards.
  4. Dates: Always include clear start dates and end dates of all of your roles. If there is a big time gap between positions include a brief explanation.

Top LinkedIn profile tips

  1. Consistency: Ensure your profile is a true reflection of your CV. You can also utilise LinkedIn features such as “projects” or “training” to give further detail.
  2. Profile picture: Remember to pick a professional profile picture – keep your casual pictures for Facebook!
  3. Recommendations: Don’t be shy in asking for recommendations. They are invaluable pieces of content to have displayed on your profile and help to build a picture around your past successes.
  4. Connections: Connect with like-minded professionals to grow your network. Each new connection can open up new opportunities to connect with that influential person, which could then lead to a new role.

If you have any other helpful tips of your own please comment below. Also if you would like to get in touch with one of us to discuss your CV and LinkedIn profile please visit our contact us page.