Interviews & Job Hunting / 11th Aug 2014

Are you a graduate looking for your first job?

Then the news is good! Recent research carried out by Milkround found that half of students and graduates now feel optimistic about their career prospects, and approximately two thirds are confident about securing their first job after graduation.

The research surveyed more than 5000 students and did uncover a level of anxiety about competition for jobs. This really highlights the importance of having a strong CV and being completely prepared for interview in order to make yourself stand out above the competition. We thought these tips might be useful:

  • Stress your key skills and experience within your CV. Employers will understand that as a graduate you may not have a lot of experience but use other non-industry examples to demonstrate your strengths – being the captain of a club demonstrates great leadership capabilities, playing football demonstrates teamwork
  • Spend time to research the company and be well-prepared for an interview, including a telephone interview. Consider how you would answer questions such as these
  • Speak in a friendly, clear and concise manner
  • For face to face interviews, be smart, on time and prepared for any tasks that you may have been briefed on. Make sure that you know the name of the person/people conducting the interview
  • Ask questions and engage with your interviewer(s)
  • Enlist the help of a recruitment agency – these companies are skilled at matching specific skill-sets to current vacancies and can offer tailored advice and support. We are always happy to help graduates find their first job!


If you have any additional advice on how to get noticed above the competition, then please do comment below.