Interviews & Job Hunting / 21st Jul 2014

How do you decide between two job offers?

When looking for your next career move it can sometimes become a long hard search to keep on top of the latest opportunities in your area. Before you know it, all your hard work preparing for interviews has paid off and you are a desirable candidate with two fantastic job offers. What do you do next?

Accepting a job offer is an important and life changing decision so it is OK to think over night or over a weekend to review you options in-depth.  You should never feel rushed into making a decision, however you will need to move relatively quickly to ensure you do not miss out on the offer or make the company feel you have doubts about them.

We have put together six key points for you to refer to if you ever find yourself in this situation:

  1. Remember the reason for starting your job search initially – which offer ticks the most boxes to make you happy long-term?
  2. Think back to how you felt at the interview. Did you click with the interviewers? Did you like the office environment? Company culture and team fit are important aspects to ensure you are happy in the workplace.
  3. Ask your recruiter any questions you have about the offer or company. They are there to help and will have a fountain of knowledge about the client.
  4. Which job offer has the best scope for career progression? Can your 5 year plan be achieved within the company?
  5. Which job offer will allow the best work / life balance? If there is flexibility in regards to work hours or a working from home option this can be very beneficial. Also take the location and ease of commute into consideration, how will this affect your social or family life outside of work?
  6. Analyse each benefits package, see what is important to you whether it’s holiday pay, dental or a pension it is a good time to compare each offer in detail.

We hope this has helped and given you a structure to focus on when making this difficult decision. If you have any questions or would like to have a discussion with one of our experienced consultants, feel free to get in touch.