Industry Insights \ Interviews & Job Hunting \ S4R News / 7th Jul 2017

Creative Student Awards – top tips from industry leaders

With the dust now settled on the awards ceremony of our Creative Student Awards 2016/17 and plans already underway to make it bigger and better this September, we thought we’d try to capture the top tips provided by our panel of industry experts on the night, about how to get ahead of the competition when embarking on a career in the creative industries.

The students in attendance provided glowing feedback on all three presentations and whilst we can’t capture every piece of advice conveyed, we have tried to distil the essence of each talk into a few standout top tips.

  1. Find your dream job. For graduates, it’s important not to settle for any old job. You’ve worked hard for your degree, so find a job that suits your abilities and will allow you to broaden your skillset.
  2. There’s lots of choice. Graduates forget that their degree opens up a broad range of job possibilities. Research which industries could benefit from the skills and knowledge derived from your degree. There’s more than you think!
  3. Figure out your purpose. What kind of designer are you – creative or technical? What kind of experience do you want – consultancy or in-house design? Once these have been addressed, it will narrow down your search to finding your dream job.
  4. Do your research. Before entering the interview room, always research the company, the job requirements and most importantly…leave your ego at home!
  5. Be prepared to talk about yourself. What skills, knowledge and abilities do you have? This will allow the employer to judge whether you’ll be suitable for the job role.
  6. Don’t forget your portfolio. Particularly in the design world, having a portfolio of your creative work to hand will always push you to the top of the ‘potential candidate’ list. It acts as a supporting piece for your CV – don’t forget it!
  7. Create your elevator pitch. Tell the employer why you’re the candidate who can make a difference. Tell them how your skills and experience can benefit their company. It’s these details which will make a difference to your employability.
  8. Define your brand attributes. Are you creative? Innovative? Results-driven? Inspiring? Start building on these and including them in your CV and portfolio.
  9. Outline your USPs. Employers hear the same thing every day. What’s unique about you? If you feel your previous creative experience will increase your chances of getting the job, mention it!
  10. Develop a personal branding toolkit. This is a great way to start building your portfolio. Think about your design style, social media networks, any press releases you’ve been involved with, your visual aids, a website or a blog. These will really shine through during an interview.

We hope you found the these tips useful too. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01489 890 276 or email