Interviews & Job Hunting / 2nd Sep 2014

Are you creating the best possible job specs?

Writing a job spec is a necessary part of the recruitment process, but how much thought actually goes into the writing of one? A job spec is an important piece of marketing collateral, forming the basis of your recruitment initiative. Many of these are however very skills lead, something which automatically narrows the talent pool from which you can select your new team member.

Creating a job spec that encourages only the most relevant people to apply is of course part of the process, but in doing so you don’t want to exclude highly talented people. So what is the best way to write a job spec that ensures all of the relevant peoples’ interest is piqued, while keeping the number of CVs to review at a manageable level?

  1. Minimise skills lead specs, focus instead on the tasks that form the basis of the job. Someone may not have a specific professional skill but be more than capable of completing a task – you don’t want to discourage good candidates from applying.
  2. The market is becoming more candidate driven and as such, benefits should be mentioned in a job spec along with some information about the company culture. It is extremely important to get the candidate’s buy-in to the company as well as the job.
  3. Be realistic in what you are looking for; remember that this is not a wish list. Reducing your reliance on a skills lead spec will automatically generate a realistic description of the job.
  4. Don’t use acronyms or jargon that the general public will not understand. If a candidate does not understand something on the job spec, they may simply not apply.
  5. Ensure that all spelling and grammar is correct. Many employers won’t interview a candidate with spelling mistakes on their CV. The same can be said of candidates who spot spelling mistakes on a job spec.
  6. Keep it short, to the point, and make it clear which elements are an absolute must have (qualifications etc) and which are just desirable.

We proof read all of our clients’ job specs and we are happy to provide an advisory role where needed.

If you have a vacancy that you would like our help in filling, then please do get in touch.