Industry Insights / 8th Nov 2018

Recruiting yourself vs agency – which option is better?

The Client
A client approached Solutions 4 Recruitment after struggling to manage the recruitment process in-house for a marketing role.

The Challenge

The client decided to put a job advert out across multiple recruiting channels, including LinkedIn and Indeed, only to find that out of the avalanche of CVs they received, the majority didn’t fit their requirements for the role. By the time the client had waded through the CVs, sent out rejection letters, sent out interview invites and phoned potential candidates, they had expended a considerable amount of valuable time and had still not found the right candidates.

 The client had selected a few potential candidates from the pile of CVs and invited them in for a brief meeting. The interviews didn’t go well. The candidates had the correct skills but not the right personality for the role, wasting even more time.

Having had a nightmare month trying to recruit the right person, the client made contact with the team at Solutions 4 Recruitment.

The Solution

Having understood the client’s requirements for the role, S4R had a few candidates in mind that would fit the role perfectly, taking into consideration the skills required, personality and previous job experience. Solutions 4 Recruitment Managing Director Carole Clarke sent the client three CVs within a few days, and having reviewed them, the client decided to interview two of the applicants.

Both interviews went exceptionally well, resulting in the client having to make an extremely tough decision over the two candidates.

The Outcome

After much deliberation, the client offered one of the candidates the role and they accepted, but had to regrettably decline the other applicant. The rest, as they say, is history!

Solutions 4 Recruitment managed the whole process from start to finish. The client couldn’t believe how quickly the team had sourced three candidates, all of which were spot on. When the client did the cost analysis of time vs fee, there was no way they would ever consider recruiting for themselves again.

Carole comments; “As we had hoped, the candidates went down brilliantly with the client. Based on their personality and previous job experience, it was the perfect match. If a client has a hard-to-fill job role, we’d always recommend using an agency that specialises in that sector. By the time you’ve added up the costs to recruit yourself versus agency fees, it’s well worth it.”

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