Industry Insights / 16th Nov 2018

How long does it really take to hire

So, how long does it really take to hire?

On average a candidate takes 43 days to find a job, to an employer this can feel a lot longer. Completion of tasks, meeting client expectations and maintaining business as usual can be tricky to manage when you are under resourced. You want to find your ideal candidate as soon as possible, but even when you find them, they will probably have a notice period to serve.  So, it is paramount to try and reduce the ‘search’ time.

Where do you start?

There are many factors which determine how long it takes to hire someone, meaning you can never be sure when the role will be filled. It’s important to not let this uncertainty result in desperate decision making as you’ll shortly find yourself with a new recruit who’s not quite right, costing your business more time and money.

According to RISQ, for every 59 people, only 7 will be interviewed within a week. If the candidate makes it through the first interview, there’s only a 17% chance of a job offer. Be that due to attitude, misleading CVs or not fitting your company culture, you’ve wasted time and still have a role to fill.

There are several reasons why it takes time to find that perfect person for your company. At Solutions4recruitment we find that location, flexibility and job title all affect the time it takes to hire and here’s why:

Location – With more people comes more talent. So, if you’re looking for a Marketing Manager in central London, your position will be filled much quicker than if you’re based in rural countryside.

Flexibility – Flexible working hours may be a deciding factor for a candidate, the work life balance is rated as one of the top employee attractions when considering a new position. We handle all of the negotiations to ensure both parties are happy with the arrangements.

Job title – The more senior a job role, the longer it takes to fill as you need to have confidence in their capabilities and experience to take on responsibility.  It is not unusual for senior positions to have 3 or even 4 interviews, before you make a decision.

How to tackle this?

As 60% of candidates tend to back out of unreasonably long hiring processes, it’s important to minimise the amount of time spent finding your ideal candidate.

With over 20 years industry experience, we can confidently say there are ways you can reduce the time it takes to hire. Over 15% of candidates that had a positive hiring experience put more effort into their new role. We pride ourselves on our client and candidate feedback and know that a positive hiring experience makes a happy employee, which really is a win-win.

How we can help you

At Solutions4Recruitment we match you with the most suited candidates, matching your company culture, experience and specific role requirements.  We also have a whole range of candidates, from seniority to specific industry experience and of course exacting expertise.  We help you reduce the amount of time you spend writing job specs, checking CVs, and initial interviews, reducing the hiring process by as much as 60%, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.

As recruitment professionals, we are not only proud of the amazing companies we recruit for, we’re proud of our candidates too. We have an abundance of talented individuals seeking roles at companies like yours, from Graduates to experienced Managing Directors. We take time to understand the level and type of person you are looking to hire, and we match you with well suited candidates.

It takes time to create job specifications, plus the cost of advertising the role, coupled with reading piles of CVs, organising interviews and inevitably re-organising them, and finally the interview itself – the hiring process is a lengthy one.  Add all of this to the lack of focus on your day job and the true cost of hiring really adds up.

We take the leg work out of the hiring process leaving you to focus on what you do best, saving you both time and money, ensuring you hire right, first time