Industry Insights / 11th Apr 2014

Are you finding it difficult to source experienced and skilled candidates? You are not alone.

We have seen many changes to the recruitment market over the past 15 years’ in the Marketing and creative sectors. Most recently, since January 2014 we have seen a clear sign of change in the market which includes an influx of vacancies and a pool of talented and head strong candidates who know exactly the direction they want their career to take.

We have recently read an article by Career Builder which summarised their findings from a new national survey. The national survey was conducted online in January 2014 and included a representative sample of 500 company managers (with responsibility for hiring staff) across industries and company sizes in Britain. We found it was very relevant and interesting take on the current market so have highlighted a few of the findings below for you.

“28 per cent say they currently have open positions that they cannot find qualified candidates to fill.”

“23 per cent of employers have positions that stay open for 12 weeks or longer- the costs associated with the skills gap can add up quickly and have broader implications for business performance.”

“Three in five (65 per cent) employers currently feel that the skills that workers have are not matching the available jobs.”

“Employers also reported compromised work quality, loss of revenue and a rise in voluntary employee turnover among the consequences:

  • Lower morale due to employees shouldering heavier workloads, 25%
  • Inability to grow the business, 17%
  • Loss in revenue, 12%
  • Higher turnover of employees, 10%”

“The majority of employers (74 per cent) somewhat or strongly agree that employers should do more to train for hard-to-find skills or offer opportunities that will contribute to a more highly skilled staff.”

Having a happy, productive and skilled team is essential to business success and the impact on a business can be long term if the recruitment process is lengthy or ineffective.  As a specialist in the areas of Marketing, PR, Design, Business Development and Web Development we are proud of our experienced consultants and comprehensive database which enables us to place the right people in the right positions in a timely manner.

“It is clear to see that 2014 is showing signs of a candidate driven market with talented professionals having the luxury of choice when considering job offers,” said Carole Clarke, Managing Director of Solutions 4 Recruitment. “I can see a lot more confidence in the market and with strong candidates understanding their worth, it is ideal to have a defined benefits scheme in place to attract them. For example a clear path for career progression and a work life balance are areas considered in depth when the candidates review their next career move. It is important that employers move quickly when they are keen on a candidate due to increase in demand for strong skill sets and relevant industry experience. A lot can change from one week to the next.”

To read the full article from Career Builder click here:

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