Industry Insights / 25th Apr 2014

The most effective way of recruiting within the Creative Industry

Our accountancy partner, The Wow Company and marketing experts The Drum, have recently carried out a nationwide survey of the Creative Industry.

The findings of the survey were quite interesting and we are happy to see clear results that show the market is recovering and growth in the creative industry is imminent with 78% of agencies looking to recruit this year. We have highlighted a few results below and you can download the full report here.

We are proud to announce that we were among the top 4 recruitment agencies in the UK to be recommended by Digital Marketing, Design, Advertising, Media, Public Relations, Event and Integrated agencies nationwide.

When the question was asked; What has been the most effective way of recruiting? The results showed that 24% think that using a recruitment agency has been the most effective. The statistics were as followed:

  • Recruitment Agents – 24%
  • Networking – 18%
  • Relationships with colleges and Universities – 16%
  • Online Ads or Job Boards – 13%
  • LinkedIn – 14%

The top two “secrets to success” were that they had recruited some good people or moved to bigger and better offices. It is encouraging to see that companies are winning new business and in turn growing their team within a positive and motivating work place.

It is interesting to see that 52% of agencies plan to increase marketing spend and 13% plan to increase the use of freelancers.

When voting for the most effective way to win new business these three techniques came out on top:

  1. Networking
  2. Got in-house new biz sales person
  3. Strategic alliances with referral partners

To find out more you can download the Creative Industry Survey 2014 results now for free.