Industry Insights / 1st Nov 2018

Attitude vs Qualification

The hiring process is notoriously hard with so many factors playing an important part in finding the ideal candidate. Sometimes it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. According to a study by Leadership IQ, 46% of new hires fail within 18 months, so why is this?


First let’s look at the problem

The typical job interview process focusses on a tick box of technical ability, such as qualifications and experience. If the candidate passes the CV phase, they are invited for an interview and quizzed on their technical competence. This is by far the most popular approach because it’s easy to assess and benchmark against other candidates. However, it is a poor predictor of whether a newly-hired employee will have the right attitude to succeed.

In fact, 89% of new hires lose their jobs due to something involving their attitude or personality, such as the ability to accept or implement feedback, poor emotional intelligence, insufficient motivation, or simply the wrong temperament.

Only 11% of new hires lose their jobs due to technical incompetence.

Of course, technical skills matter but if the employee isn’t open to improving, antagonises their colleagues, lacks social skills or has the wrong personality for the job, then you will quickly find yourself back to square one with the overall financial cost to the business steadily increasing.


So, what can be done?

Fear not, some very clever people have done quite a lot of the hard work already. This may be an exercise you might want to carry out on your current team. You can then start to build a profile of the type of company you are, and the types of people who thrive in your environment.

There are several assessments available that enable employers to get a better picture of their team and the people they are aiming to hire. It is worth looking at each one and deciding which is right for your company. Here are a few of the most popular:

These assessments can help you determine the gaps your employees may have in their roles and highlight any issues before they become a real problem.


What’s next…

We have interviewed thousands of candidates over the years and we can hand on heart say no two have ever been the same, some have stood out more than others, and not always for the right reasons. We are very perceptive to the personality traits of individuals, and highly skilled in the matching process.


The majority of clients we work with really need to concentrate on their day job and interviewing is a significant draw on their time, not only that they openly admit that they lack both the training to accurately read and asses candidates, and the confidence to act even when their initial observations, or ‘gut feel’ turn out to be correct.


The financial cost of hiring failures, coupled with the time it takes to hire and the lack of focus on other areas of the business can amount to a high cost very quickly. We work with you to ensure you hire right, first time.