Industry Insights / 6th Dec 2018

5 questions to ask yourself before you offer the job

Hoorah! You’ve finally found a perfect candidate to fill your vacancy and they have all the traits you value in a potential employee. Hiring a new team member is an important decision for you and your team.  We have set out five questions to ponder and consider before you make that final offer.

  1. Did they answer your questions genuinely?

Nobody is perfect and even the most qualified candidate may be lacking in a certain area.  Honesty is the best policy; did they provide you with answers that you believed – even if it wasn’t the perfect answer or the one they knew you wanted to hear.  Think about the interview in retrospect, did their answers feel genuine?

  1. Do you feel the candidate will work well with your current employees?

Although you cannot introduce potential candidates to all your current employees, it’s important that they meet a few key team members. This will allow the candidate to get a feel for the office dynamics and for you to understand if they’re the ‘right fit’ for your company culture.

  1. Did you connect with this person?

As an employer and potential boss, you need to ensure you can relate with the candidate. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together so making sure you can work well with them in an office environment is crucial. Many candidates are eager and nervous at this phase. So, reassure them, make them feel relaxed and they’ll be their true selves.

  1. Did they come across as genuine?

The candidate may have all qualifications and experience under the sun, but do they have the right attitude and aptitude to learn, adapt and grow within your company? Interview environments can alter the way a candidate presents themselves, but how do you know what they’re really like? Why not search their social media, allowing you to understand the ‘type’ of person they are outside of the office.

  1. Are you overlooking any doubts because they fit the company culture?

The candidate may have the perfect attitude and character to learn, adapt and grow within your company. However, perhaps they received a disciplinary at their previous job, or a dismissal. Despite their positive demeanour, these areas need to be addressed and discussed with the candidate as you’ll shortly find yourself back to square one, wasting your business time and money.

Why should you ask these questions?

We have met many candidates over the past 20 years and we know that no two are the same. By having a professional and close relationship with our clients and candidates, both client and agency side, we understand that fitting into a certain culture whilst getting on with co-workers and managers is the key to successfully retaining a good team.

It’s important not to make desperate decisions during the challenging time of recruitment. Offering the job is a big decision for both you and the candidate, meaning you need to ensure you’re hiring right. We know first-hand that the initial ‘gut feel’ of a candidate’s attitude and character is worth listening to. Take time to consider if the prospective candidate will integrate seamlessly with your company and assess if you would genuinely like to spend time with them, before you offer the job.

We are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have before making an offer, just pick up the phone and one of our consultants will be happy to guide you through the process.