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Liam Griffin

Hi, I’m a second year student studying BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology at the University of Portsmouth. I’m developing my expertise in both character and environment art concepts as I aspire to become a 3D modelling artist.

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At an early age I have been fascinated in how the characters and worlds in both animated films and games are created.  I would watch the creator’s development diaries on how these characters and worlds are brought to life from the designer’s vision.  As an avid computer and video games player, I knew this is where my interests lay, as I could envisage my own creation of characters and scenery being brought to life through gaming.

It’s inspiring how the gaming industry has evolved worldwide over the years, which I’m determined to be a part of. I find the development of 3D modelling fun and creative, together with programming by building my own PC games using C# and C++. My aim is to create games not only for the entertainment industry but also for the educational industry.

Take a look at Liam’s incredible portfolio here.

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