Employer FAQs

  • What should I do if I have a vacancy?

    Call us on 01489 890 276 or drop us an email – we will respond to your query straight away and will organise a convenient time to discuss your opportunity and how to approach sourcing the best talent.

  • How motivated will my dedicated consultant be?

    Very! Ongoing external training is provided to all our consultants to ensure they are up-to-speed with new innovations in the industry and to keep their skills fresh and honed.

    We keep our team highly motivated through our famed reward schemes – we have generous commission structures, achievement prizes, trips out and recognise excellent service and results on an ongoing basis.

    Our management style is strong and supportive and the team ethos at Solutions 4 recruitment is one of collaboration and learning.

    The result of these initiatives is that our clients work with motivated, skilled and passionate consultants, committed to providing you with the best service. This is affirmed by the many recommendations visible on our website and individual LinkedIn profiles.

  • How would you really get to know my business and therefore the best candidates for me?

    In our experience, communication is the way to build effective relationships with our clients. This starts by us really getting to know you. We visit your premises, learning all we can about your organisation. We view the surroundings first-hand, meet your team and absorb your culture.

    Your Dedicated Consultant

    Each role is discussed in detail with your Recruiting Manager or relevant HR representative to ensure we really understand the nature and requirements of the role. This enables us to identify and secure the best talent for your needs quickly.

    You are assigned a dedicated Consultant for each role. They are responsible for proactively managing the candidate identification process on your behalf. When sending suitable CVs across to you, they provide you with a detailed cover email, outlining extra information about the submitted candidates. They update you and the candidate throughout the process, providing advice and guidance along the way.

    Building on established foundations

    Solutions 4 Recruitment’s approach is one of consultancy and building strong partnerships with our clients. We have experience of working with organisations of all sizes and complexity, across diverse sectors and enjoy long working relationships with our clients that deliver results.

    Regular Reviews

    We advise ongoing catch up meetings with all our clients to ensure our understanding of your business is up-to-date and accurate. These also provide an opportunity for us to identify anything we might need to adjust in approach to meet your needs.

  • What checks do you carry out on your candidates?

    Solutions 4 Recruitment undertake the following process:

    1. Obtain the person’s original proof of identity documents
    2. Verify their validity
    3. Make and retain a clear copy, and record the date of the check
    4. Reference details are requested on submission of CV
    5. References are taken up at first interview stage where possible
    6. References are forwarded to the client on acceptance of offer
  • What can you guarantee me?

    We never submit a candidate’s CV before we have discussed in full the role, the client’s culture and requirements, with them. We provide them with a detailed job specification and the opportunity to view our client’s website to get a clearer understanding of the organisation.

    Only the most relevant (against your criteria) and high-quality applicants are submitted and we do not submit CVs until we have found the right candidates.

    On average there will be four to six CVs submitted for each role, unless you request otherwise.

  • What geographical areas do you cover?

    We recruit all over the UK, but 80% of our candidate placements are along the South Coast and South East of England.

  • Do you ever refresh your methods of working & attracting candidates?

    Oh yes, We pride ourselves on our innovative candidate attraction methods and undertake a continuous review process to ensure we are always utilising new and emerging channels available to us.

    All our candidate attraction strategies are tailored to the type of candidate we are looking to engage with. We do not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach.

    Continuous Candidate Engagement

    To ensure our brand is always well-perceived and widely-recognised by candidates, we work closely with our partner marketing consultancy.

    A key objective of this relationship is to guarantee Solutions 4 Recruitment is recognised as the leading marketing recruitment specialist in the region.


    Measures to support this include the weekly publication of industry relevant articles, guides and insights on our blog and social media channels. These provide interesting, informative content that keep candidates up-to-date with the latest trends, tools and news, whilst at the same time reminding passive job seekers that we are the consultancy to contact when they are actively looking for a new role. These are shared with our candidate database via monthly e-newsletters.


    As well as online engagement, our Consultants attend an extensive range of industry and candidate-focused events in order to meet and build relationships with new talent and we are starting to run competitions to showcase the work of our candidates.


    Solutions 4 Recruitment are in the process of launching our inaugural S4R awards competition, designed to celebrate examples of marketing and design-related excellence from our pool of candidates. The competition has been devised to further strengthen awareness of Solutions 4 Recruitment amongst our target audience of candidates, expand our already extensive database and promote deeper relationships with our audience.

  • Do you just advertise my role and wait for the response to come in?

    No, we are very proactive. Advertising plays a part but here is the strategy we adopt for candidate attraction:

    Step 1

    Engaging Advertisement Creation: – our whole team undergo copywriting training to ensure they are able to create engaging and informative job advertisements tailored to attract a clearly defined candidate profile.

    Step 2

    Advert Submission: – as you would expect, Solutions 4 Recruitment has an extensive network of channels we use promote all our roles. We identify the methods most appropriate for engaging with the type of candidates most relevant to the job role. Job advertisements are submitted to and promoted on all these channels:

    • Job boards
    • Website – www.solutions4recruitment – which receives 1000s of visits from candidates each month
    • Social media – we currently have dedicated Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts with 1000s of marketing and related professionals followers

    Step 3

    Custom E-mail Alerts – with a live database of over 40,000 active and passive candidates, we use our sophisticated CRM system to identify potential applicants that fit the profile of the relevant job role. Each applicant is sent a personalised e-mail alert notifying them of the available job role and urging them to confirm their interest.

    We also employ an effective refer-a-friend email campaign, which incentivises recipients to refer-a-friend for specific roles via our generous referral scheme.

    Step 4

    Physical Search – a practical candidate evaluation of our database is undertaken to hand-pick suitable candidates.

    This is reinforced by a pro-active search of relevant job boards by our team as well as a specialist candidate researcher. The 1000s of high-quality LinkedIn and other social media connections of our consultants are also reviewed to identify additional relevant candidates.

  • What process will you go through to fill my role?

    We can break our process down into twenty two steps:

    1. Receive the job spec read and note any questions
    2. Contact the original source of sending and make an appointment to talk to the recruiting manager
    3. Write advertisement and place on website and relevant job boards
    4. Send e-mail alert to candidates on Solutions database
    5. Conduct a search on Solutions database
    6. Conduct a search on all job boards and LinkedIn
    7. Gather all CVs and qualify
    8. Contact the best candidates and screen with pre-screening questions which include gathering detailed information about their work history, reasons for looking, salary information, location, what other interviews they have
    9. Send selected candidates to client
    10. Follow up with a call to the relevant contact and gather feedback within 2 days of sending CVs
    11. Either organise first interviews or do some more searching if a bit of fine tuning is needed
    12. Organise second interviews
    13. Ensuring we obtain an update on the candidate’s general job search
    14. Pass feedback to relevant party
    15. Organise any second interviews
    16. Pass feedback to relevant party (again checking what else is going on and qualifying the level of interest in the role)
    17. Secure an offer for the chosen candidate and pass to the candidate, emphasising all the positives about the role and organisation
    18. Discuss full offer with candidate and secure their acceptance
    19. Advise the candidate about the counter offer they could incur and remind them of the reasons they originally started looking
    20. Confirm start date with all parties
    21. Take up references and pass on to the client
    22. Keep in touch with the candidate during the notice period, helping to resolve any issues that may arise
  • We have a strong CSR ethos, do you?

    We are strong believers in equal opportunities and diversity and have included our equal opportunities in the workplace policy to demonstrate our approach to ensuring this is enacted in the business. Corporate Social Responsibility plays an everyday role in our business and we work closely with Wave 105 Cash for Kids, helping to raise funds and awareness for their cause.

    We are located on an eco-friendly business park and promote healthy living within the team with free fruit and a weekly running club, which is supplemented by active team outings including undertaking bike rides through the New Forest and participation in the Great South Run.

  • Would you be able to recruit for my type of business?

    Our client base consists of a large variety of businesses, across a broad range of industries. We successfully place candidates within large organisations within the financial services, retail and manufacturing sectors, as well as smaller organisations, such as ecommerce businesses, professional services, consultancies, marketing agencies and visitor attractions to name but a few.

  • Do you specialise in any area of recruitment?

    Yes we do, Solutions 4 Recruitment are the region’s leading Marketing recruitment agency. We cover all marketing disciplines, alongside wider related areas, such as:

    • Communications
    • Public relations
    • Design
    • Digital
    • Strategic planning
    • Product development
    • Research
    • Insight
    • Account management
    • Business development/sales
I have used Emma and Carole services for the last few years, as a candidate and as a client. They are really professional and provide really good service and advice in the most friendly way. They understand clients needs and help you to reach what is best for your career or your business. It is the best recruitment agency I have ever used and I definitely recommend their service to anyone.Thanks again for all your help, I look forward to working again with you very soon.

Fabienne from The Body Shop / Client

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