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We are here to help with any of those questions or uncertainties regarding your next step. Our expert advice can give you piece of mind that you are receiving the right salary to match your experience and that you’re CV reads well and grabs attention. Whether you want to stay in your field of expertise or take a new direction, we will give you the benefit of our knowledge to help you every step of the way.

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Top tips for making a great first impression

Carole Clarke, S4R Managing Director

  • Preparation to showcase your passion for the creative industry. Ensure you are ready with practical examples of  how, when and where you have successfully completed a number of tasks set out in the job specification.

Emma Millichamp, S4R Recruitment Consultant

  • Eye contact, lets your interviewer know you are interested and sincere; firm handshake – sounds old fashioned, but it is still very important and a limp handshake can be very off putting.

Ana Miller, S4R Recruitment Consultant

  • Punctuality at an interview is key. There are times when something unexpected happens that you cannot foresee, but with good journey preparation the odds will be on your side.

Emily Bateman, S4R Business Development and Marketing Consultant

  • Preparation! Utilise Social Media, LinkedIn especially, to understand who will be interviewing you and the company in more detail. A confident and relaxed conversation will leave a great impression.

Chris Ward, S4R Recruitment Consultant

  • It is important to remember to be yourself and remain truthful. Do your homework and understand what the company offers and how you  can contribute to their success.


Very friendly and helpful - kept up to date regularly.

Ceri – Brand Coordinator / Candidate

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