Contractors, Freelancers and Temps

Looking for contract and freelance work

If you are looking for your next contract, eager to gain new experiences or simply trying to re-enter the workforce, then we can help place you with some fantastic companies.

Contract and temporary positions can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Increased flexibility: Contractors have more control over when and where they work
  • Power of Time: You have the opportunity to wait for that perfect permanent position
  • More variety: Richer set of experience
  • More money: Contractors and freelancers typically earn more than their counterparts in permanent employment

Submit your CV to us now, whether you are a looking for a temporary placement or your next contract, we will be there to fully support you at each stage of the process.

We feel your ups and downs and will ensure that you have access to unrivaled opportunities across Marketing, Design and Digital roles in all industry sectors.

Professional, efficient, easy to deal with and understanding. Thank you.

Laura / Candidate

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